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Reseller Hosting Support

Reseller web hosting is a concept that is gaining momentum all over the world. This is a type of web hosting where the owner of a web hosting account can use the hardware and software resources allotted to them to host third party websites. The profit that one can make with this type of hosting is the biggest draw. Most people who are into reseller web hosting focus their energies and time on strategizing their move to improve their outreach and bring in more business. But, did you know that all this effort can get washed down the drain without good reseller hosting support? This is where the services of Outsourced hosting support come into play.

Why choose reseller hosting support from Outsourced hosting support ?

  • Round the clock accessibility on all days of the year through telephone, email or live chat
  • Response time of just 1 hour for all types of queries
  • Resolution time of 6 hours for simple queries
  • Real time support available for leading reseller hosting companies that host critical websites on their server space
  • Multiple tier support for complex issues
  • Helpdesk support available
  • Easy ticketing system
  • Highly qualified and certified team of technicians who offer permanent solutions
  • Customer friendly staff focused on ensuring the best service to all clients
  • Follow up support to ensure the problem has been completely resolved
  • Monitor the server space for possible threats and suggest solutions to fix them
  • Highly affordable plans for customers to choose from.

Once you get in touch with our team of experts, you can sit back and relax. We understand the importance of reseller hosting support and the impact it has on your current set of clients and also your prospective new business. Our services are designed to assure our clients to permanent resolution to all queries, irrespective of their complexity.

Reseller hosting clients do extremely well by putting all their efforts on marketing their website, most of them do many advertisement campaigns, do a lot of work on their website – work hard on the SEO part so their website get good ranking in search engines. You invest a lot on all this, but you know what? Support is the key to success! And, now with our reseller hosting support plan you too can provide 24x7 support to your customers.

Support features

  • Reseller account (single)
  • Unlimited Ticket Support
  • 24 x 7 x 365 - Availability
  • Response Time - One hour ( Usually 20 minutes )
  • Resolution Time - Six hours
  • L1 / L2 Support Tickets
  • Communication with your Web Hosting Provider to resolve complex technical issues.


  • $99/mo. ( Unlimited Accounts/Domains )
  • $75/mo. ( $0.25 per domain - Limit of 300 Domains )
  • $59/mo. ( $0.30 per domain - Limit of 200 Domains )
  • $45/mo. ( $0.45 per domain - Limit of 100 Domains )
  • $29/mo. ( $0.58 per domain - Limit of 50 Domains )


  • Live Chat Support - $50

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