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Live chat support is the fastest and easiest way to begin building strong, personal relationships with your customers and visitors to your Website. Our friendly support staff gives your visitors all information that they need, to convert the visitors in to prospects.

Support features

  • 24 x 7 x 365 - Availability
  • Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated professional operators available
  • Pre-Sales & Technical Support
  • Prompt answers to customer queries
  • Only English Language Support


  • UNLIMITED Chats per month $699/mo (24/7 Semi Dedicated Team )
  • UNLIMITED Chats per month $1499/mo (24/7 Dedicated Team)

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Live chat training procedure
We spend time studying your website, your products and services. We will need a set of FAQ's from you on the type of questions that are generally anticipated by you. Then we create our own internal FAQ Database from which we create canned answers for your customer. The nice thing about canned answers is that regardless of the live chat your customers always get the same answer. Our goal is to create a comprehensive FAQ database, which should cover as many questions as possible.

Answering visitor queries
Our Live chat staffs, who are trained on answering certain questions, then greets the visitor.

The live chat operator then proceeds to answer all the questions that are created during the "Training" phase. If the live chat operator does not have answers to certain questions, the visitor will be asked for his/her contact details (either phone or email) which will be passed to your staff with the chat transcript. Later we also add those queries in the FAQ database.


  • Your sales will increase.
  • Your visitors will have a great experience shopping at your site.
  • Your visitors will refer a lot more people to visit your site.
  • This will increase the traffic on your site, in turn resulting in more sales.

What we do is

  • Give your web site visitors the information they need.
  • Give this information when they are looking for it on your website.
  • Impress them with top quality live help support and convert them into your prospects.

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